Performance Schedule – Update

March 24, 2011

I have updated my upcoming performance schedule. Details can be found at my site:
TR Newcomb.


Another New Mouthpiece – Lindberg 2CL

March 24, 2011

Despite the pouring rain, I had to make a visit to my favorite music-repair shop last weekend. I had taken my little Reynolds baritone/tenor horn in for some regular cleaning and also asked the resident brass genius if he could do a little dent-removal. We also decided to install an extra spit valve to reduce the water buildup in one of the coils. However, when I went to pick up the horn, they had forgotten to install the spit valve so they asked me to wait for a half-hour or so. OK. I went upstairs to the music shop to browse a bit.

As I was browsing, I spotted some interesting mouthpieces. Gold-plated, and a very distinctive shape. I had them pulled out for a closer look and discovered they were Christian Lindberg-designed mouthpieces. Now, I have long been an admirer of Mr. Lindberg’s virtuoso abilities, so I asked if i might try them. They kindly allowed me to borrow one of their bass trombones and I spent the next twenty minutes or so playing various models before settling on a 2CL. This one has a deep cup, a fairly rounded rim that is a bit on the narrow side, and an excellent all-around range, though not quite as good for the low pedal end as my Marcinkiewicz. I’ll be working on that. But it certainly does wonders for my mid and high range! I was playing a tone of high Ds and Fs above the staff on a bass trombone the other night and the sound quality was frankly amazing.

These mouthpieces are not cheap – they list for US $120.00 per mouthpiece, but they are definitely worth the price. Definitely recommended.