About Me

So you want to know who I am? Well….My name is TR Newcomb. I was formally trained on euphonium and trombone, though I did not major in Music. I am a former professional jazz musician, now working in the software industry as a technical writer.

Musically speaking, I currently lead the Fremont-based Turk Island Jazz Band .  I play trombone with the Danville-based Fog City Stompers and the Newark-based East Bay Stompers. I also play cornet with the Fremont-based Mission Gold Jazz Band.

I had the pleasure of playing trombone for the Oakland-based Barrelhouse Jazz Band from 2008-2013, and I substitute as asked with various other groups in the traditional jazz genre, including the Jelly Roll Jazz Band, Zinfandel Stompers, Blue Bone ExpressAnd That’s Jazz, Emperor Norton’s Jazz Band, the Top of the Hill Jazz band and the South Bay Traditional Jazz Society parade band. Before immersing myself in the traditional jazz scene, I played bass trombone with the now-defunct Stuart Yasaki Orchestra and the Nightlife Big Band. I also played euphonium and trombone with the Heavy Metal Brass Band led by the late Michael Lipschutz.

Besides trombone, I also play baritone/euphonium, tuba (both EEb and BBb), cornet and trumpet. As far as preferred genres, I play traditional jazz (Dixieland), concert band music, big band swing, ska, classical, and any other forms of music that interest me. Samples of my music and additional information on how to contact me can be found at my personal website.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Nellie Kelly Yancey says:

    Hello. I’m interested in a musician in Bakersfield in the 50’s;60’s, Hank Rains. He is listed on a show bill ad as appearing at Rainbow Gardens with Bob and Wanda Kennedy. Can you tell me anything about him? Thanks. Nellie, Wake Forest NC

    • trnewcomb says:

      Hi Nellie,

      Thank you for the comment. I’ll ask Wanda about Hank and will post a blog entry once I hear back. It wouldn’t surprise me – they knew and played with a lot of the Western swing players of the era. I think you’re referring to the Rainbow Ballroom, not the Rainbow Gardens. The Rainbow is a Fresno ballroom that surprisingly has survived virtually unchanged from its heyday. Today it features primarily Mexican music but pianist Wally Johnson owned it until the 1960s and Bob Kennedy led the house swing band.

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